Free Pattern: 9 Heirloom Baby Toys

Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs

Love, Love, LOVE all these patterns by Garn Studio AS! . They are my favorite Knit or Crochet designers around hands down. Free or paid! Sometimes the patterns are a bit hard to follow (Scandinavian) and their yarns aren’t carried anywhere in the U.S. … However, if you’re an Intermediate/Advanced Knitter or Crocheter you’ll be able to make sense of these patterns. You can also find their yarns online through There are no brick and mortar stores in the U.S. that carry Drops (except for one in California!). Read on for more patterns.

Drops Designs Drops Designs Drops Designs
Patterns in this Post by DROPS Designs:
BabyDROPS 11-28 Teddy
BabyDROPS 20-26 Toy
BabyDROPS 21-10 Paddy Bear
BabyDROPS 14-30 Cuddly Toys
BabyDROPS 25-8 Mr. Bunny
BabyDROPS 25-36 Mrs.Bunny
BabyDROPS 21-42 Miss Mew
BabyDROPS 21-44 Sylvester Cat
BabyDROPS 21-45 Frankie Froggie

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