To Knit or Crochet? That is The Question!

Crochet has always been less popular than Knitting. Like the forgotten sibling, the child left behind. Kind of like how Solange is to Beyonce. I began Knitting first as a teenager. I went to the library and took out every “knitting” book I could find in the meager Knitting section. No one I knew did […]

Pattern: Kublai Khan Splendor Hat

This will be my next hat. It’s by Elisabeth Poire or “Lizzie P” The pattern can also be found on her website [pdf]. Here’s more samples of the hat knitted up! It’s simply a long knit hat with the edges rolled up and a little pointy detail at the top! Update: Here’s my completed […]

Pattern: Newsboy Cap by Red Heart

I crocheted up this free pattern from Red Heart, Visor Cap. And didn’t get anything like I expected. It’s more of a Newsboy Cap/Train Conductor/Oliver Twist style joint… (Blue Oyster Cult…) But here it is, along with some of my notes. If it’s your thing, go nuts! Materials: 1 ball Red Heart Heathers in Dark […]

Patterns For Red Heart Super Saver

More free patterns! Here are my fave picks from the Red Heart Free Pattern Library. 20 in all. All patterns listed below use Red Heart Super Saver Economy Yarn. All are machine washable and dryable. So no Dry Cleaning for your friends means they can wear it with ease. I wear all my duds and […]

OMG! Heart Manages Her Stash!

So… Anyone who is into Knitting or Crochet will have a “stash”! And people usually treasure them because they are all the little yarn gems they’ve carefully collected. My yarn stash is bad but I guess it could always be worst. Anyway, I’ve just begun Sewing and now have to deal with a new stash […]

Wall Street Gets Crocheted!

The Charging Bull statue in Bowling Green known as The Wall Street Bull got crocheted by guerilla artist, Agata Olek. I hear it lasted about 2 hours before it got taken down. That’s a large crochet piece to not only make but squeeze on! I hope it didn’t get confiscated. See below for her video […]

True Up – All Fabric, All the Time

Heart True Up! It is not only my goto site but the goto site for many fabric fanatics. It’s a fabric wonderland of all the latest fabric news like where to shop and a wealth of inspiration for both sewers and designers. Why do I love it so much? Aside from inspiration, it’s a very […]

Patterns To Die For: Noni Designs

Gorgeous felted bag patterns made from knit or crochet. Yes, you can make these handmade luxurious yet simple designs yourself from Noni Designs by Nora J. Bellows. You can find a full list of all patterns on her site. I was looking for a good bag pattern for my mother when I remembered my Noni […]

Berroco Design Patterns!

Heart these two free knit and crochet patterns from Berroco Design. They also have a nice pattern library of free patterns as well as patterns for sale. Knit – Buster Pattern – Dog Pattern How cute is this little dog sweater?! I love that is it simple and modern. With nice little details like the […]

FOTD: African Print Fabrics

FABRIC OF THE DAY: African Print Fabrics I popped over to P & S Fabrics today to get a magnetic sewing guide (Dritz $3) to clip onto my sewing machine. I was getting sick of using a piece of tape as a sewing guide and they are open on a Sunday so I thought why […]