Going Solo: Sewing Style

HOLY CRAP! I just found the sewing book of my dreams. I went to the bookstore on a lark (as per usual) to check out the sewing books. I wasn’t expecting to find anything to write home about. Instead I found something to write to the world about! Ha. Ok. I kid. But seriously. The […]

Pattern: Circle Top by Papercut Patterns

OMG! HEART how this top came out. Here’s my Circle Top by Papercut Patterns! I chose a wool jersey knit (Gorgeous!) fabric with pleats that I found at Mood Fabric. $14 per yard! It gave it an Elizabethan-ish style. Yet modern. The pattern and the fabric together gave the piece this accordion looking edge. Such […]

FOTD: Purple & Green

FABRIC OF THE DAY: Purple & Green Chevron Herringbone I went gaga over this fabric. It’s going to be made into a mod-style shift dress, Simplicity #2568 from the Sew Stylish Collection by Simplicity! Coming soon! I originally bought it for my Papercut Patterns Circle Top but I’m using a gorgeous wool jersey for that! […]

Beginner Sewing @ The Sewing Studio

Our teachers Jonathan (L) and Gertie (R) with Alvinna Every Saturday for the last 8 weeks, once a week, for 2 hours each week, I’ve been heading across town to The Sewing Studio for my Beginner Sewing Class. Some time last year I found it online while hunting for sewing classes. Although the curriculum was […]

Knitting Tools and Notions

As a general rule, I like the best quality tools I can find. And there are plenty out there for decent prices that are excellent without having to break the bank. Here are my recommendations for beginner knitting tools for those looking for excellent quality tools that are great values in both price and versatility. […]

Pattern: Ruffle Skirt #7462 by Burda

Finally! My class project is done. I made the Rock Skirt #7462 Pattern by Burda. It’s a two-tiered ruffle skirt. I love the skirt but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. The gathers were hard to make because the gathers go through 2 layers of fabric and I chose a […]

Pattern: Socks Fever!

One of my next projects. I just discovered this nice little cache of just socks! from Wendy Knits. Her page includes her original sock patterns along with some from The Loopy Ewe and great tips on sock knitting too. Free! She’s also got quite a few books out on Sock Knitting!! Check out Amazon for […]

Pattern: Mongolian Supreme Hat

I made the Kublai Khan Splendor Hat by Elisabeth Poire. And it ROCKS!!! HEART IT! Finally a decent hat pattern. I tried about 6 different hat patterns (duds) to get to this one. I made a few changes to the original pattern and call my version the “Mongolian Supreme Hat”. Ha! Mainly I used a […]

How To: Beginning Knitting or Crochet

I like to learn by doing, it sticks better for me and is more rewarding! And I like options so I can decide for myself how best to approach it. So here’s a one page quick start guide on everything you’ll need to get started in Knitting or Crochet while making your first project! All […]

Where To Buy: Knit and Crochet Tools

A list of where to buy Knit and Crochet tools in NYC! From economical/beginner to those more advanced looking for very particular tools. See my list of yarn shops for where to buy tools in Brooklyn. See also my list of Beginner Crochet Tools and Beginner Knitting Tools. In general, if you’re particular about your […]